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tv   Lockup Tampa  MSNBC  November 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a surprise attack on a sheriff's deputy takes an unexpected turn. >> i just snapped and i decided to choke out a deputy. >> a convicted rapist loses his cool in court. >> i'm becoming irritated. i'm becoming impatient. it's a ticking time bomb. >> and an accused murderer in a high-profile case. >> hello? >> tries to cash in on her notoriety. >> 150,000 will cover everything i need. ♪
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♪ >> talk man. why y'all outside? >> y'all get behind the door. >> come on, y'all. >> at the hillsborough county jail in tampa, florida, 24-year-old rookie deputy maurice pressey has learned to deal with the intimidation factor of his job. >> first day by myself, i'd be lying if i didn't tell you i was nervy. it's 72 on one >> pressey who is unarmed during his shifts is the only deputy locked in a housing unit with 72 inmates. most are not convicted, but are in jail awaiting trial for
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charges including assault, robbery and murder. >> when you tell people what you do, they say, man, i don't see how you do it. 72 people, you know, all walks of life, that done all types of crime. >> at many jails officers monitor units like this secured control centers but at hillsborough county they spend their shifts on the floor in the open. it's a system known as direct supervision and proven to reduce violence in other problems by allowing deputies to build rapport. >> i love dealing with people that's why my degree is in sociology. >> but pressey and every other deputy in the jail knows that violence can erupt suddenly. as an incident two years earlier dramatically illustrated. a 64-year-old deputy was working at his desk in the housing unit just as inmates were finishing lunch. suddenly, inmate douglas burden rushes him and puts him in a potentially fatal choke hold.
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as several other inmates jump into the fray, one of them reaches in and grabs the deputy's radio. >> the radio called they came across was unlike any other because it wasn't a deputy's signal. the inmate stated "emergency, 911" and deputy moon was on the floor being attacked by mr. burden. >> deputy laurie garcia was among those receiving the call. >> all we knew is that inmate was calling for our aid, so if he's on the radio, then the deputy obviously does not have any control at that time. come to find out the inmates had come to his aid. the other inmates took the inmate down and deputy moon was able to get back up on his feet and if it wasn't for the inmates in that pod, that really cared about their deputy, deputy moon might not have been with us.
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it might have been a really, really bad day and it happened so quickly, but by that time we were all there, but it happens that fast. so as much as we say that we have each other's support, it's nice to know that you've got a handful of them in orange that care. >> while the deputy who has since retired, might have been vulnerable working alone in the unit, the relationships he built under that system are what saved his life, and building those relationships is important to the former secret service agent who runs the jail. >> in that inmates they rescued him, they liked him because he was fair, he didn't judge them, he didn't condemn them so fortunately on that, burden's intentions are thwarted by the goodwill of the inmates and the reactions of the community across the country was unbelievable. we had people calling us from as far away from california offering to buy those inmates gifts. >> burden is now held in the jail's more restrictive confinement unit where inmates are locked in their cells 23 hours a day.
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>> pretty straight guy. if it wasn't for experimenting with drugs and all, i'd still be in the military. i can't wait to get out no matter what it takes, i want to get out. >> since the attack, deputies take extra precautions when dealing with burden. >> he's a big security concern for us, because if he's done that once, he'll do it again. >> these are the names i want you to remember because these are the ones that have histories are assaulting us, burden, who is in mod four. >> when he's taking his medicines he's pretty docile. when he's not taking his he's more violent. we're going to do it in numbers, two deputies, sometimes three, maybe four. it's basically safety in numbers, you know, when we have with a show of force it defuses
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their opportunities. >> the violent attack is the latest incident in a life that is tragically unraveled since burden worked his way up to the rank of sergeant in the marine corps. >> during high school i was good in wrestling, my grades weren't good enough to go to college so i decided to go into the marine corps, went to parris island for boot camp and it was fine from there on in. the base is like a little city and it's like we got in our own family and they got everything that you need, they got all kinds of education, all kind of courses for leadership and so it's a really good place to be in the marine corps. >> during his fifth year in the marines he took a medical leave when he was diagnosed with schizoprenoform when he suffered from delusions. >> i hallucinate, a whole bunch of things i thought was going on
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inside my head. i decided to get out, get back to my family and take things easy. >> six months after leaving the military burden was arrested after he crashed his car into military gates at the airport. >> i thought people were chasing me, trying to kill me so that explains it all running to the gate. i was trying to get away. >> burden admits taking four ecstasy tablets that night and prosecutors said he had almost 300 tablets in his glove box. >> decided to take those pills and that's when it went downhill from there. >> burden is charged with drug trafficking, driving under the influence and now attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. he's pled not guilty, and is awaiting a hearing to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial. >> my lawyer got back with me, he said he seen me not competent at the time of the trial but competent now to proceed with the trial. i want to hurry up and get on
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with the trial so i can get out of here. >> while burden's attack inside the jail made national news, dee dee moore made headlines for what she allegedly did outside the jail. like most inmates moore has not been convicted of a crime but is in jail awaiting trial. >> i was charged with first-degree murder of my friend, abraham shakes sheer. he was a florida lottery winner and they say i siphoned off his money and i didn't do that. i'm not going to be a part of that. they're saying that i shot him twice in the chest and that he died and that i buried him, and that i hid his death. >> moore says she's anything but a cold-blooded killer. >> i'm like a big kid. i like disney and mickey mouse and tinkerbell and stuff.
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i would love a world where i lived at walt disney world. >> for the past eight months moore has been living in a very different world, the jail's female confinement unit where she is held in her cell away from other inmates, due in part to the intense media coverage of her case. >> because she's in the news and because of her charges. if you put her back in a pod you don't know how another inmate is going to react to what she is allegedly accused of. so for her own safety, it's better that she's back here. >> moore has collected some of the many newspaper reports on her case. >> "woman charged in millionaire's murder, pleads not guilty." i used to cry opening these up. i don't anymore. i'm over it. >> why? >> because i'm not this kind of person. this is a person that i'm not. >> prosecutors say moore who has pled not guilty coned him out of a large share of his fortune
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killed him. he is seen in this video, was shot by moore. >> do you get tired for people asking you for money? >> since a year ago. >> you just ready to start living your life, huh? >> they don't take no for an answer. they just keep on asking. >> investigators found shake spear's body under a cement slab in the backyard of a home owned by moore. >> they're saying i premeditated it, saying i planned it out. i'm planning to go in my own yard, planned to keep the gun that i shot him with, i planned to keep everything for evidence for them to make it simple. i would never be that much of an idiot, if i did do it to put it in my yard, use my gun, there's no way you can think i did this.
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>> if there's a bright side to moore's incarceration it's the media coverage has made her a popular figure. >> all but one piece for doris moore. >> dee is popular. >> yes, they get a lot of fan mail so they correspond back and forth with each other. she enjoys the attention she gets. >> i get them all the way from minnesota, california, new york. >> that's for you. >> they say they like me, and they've seen me on television. >> much of moore's mail comes from men in jails and prisons across the country. >> some are nice, some do freak me out like i had this one guy have a six-page letter of what he wants to do to me when i get out. he's charged with high-profile, charged with a crime of killing several people. he talks about finger tips caressing your body while saliva seduces your breast.
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i think it's hilarious somebody would write. you don't get a hi how are you doing? it's a letter how he wants to sex you. you know you have a first date and second date and maybe by the third date you kiss the guy? this goes straight to the point. that's not how you do things. you know why you're in jail. >> reporter: moore thinks the attention she's getting might help her in jail. >> i'm going to sell my story and that will obtain a lawyer that can get me out now. i only need $200,000. >> hi dee dee. >> coming up, dee dee moore tries to broker a deal. >> tell them i will film next week. i'm ready to go now. >> but first -- >> mr. harris is in my 25 years of law enforcement one of the most manipulative, conniving people i've ever encountered. >> a high-profile rapist does little to improve his reputation.
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lined with luxury holes on one side and the ocean on the other, bayshore boulevard is one of the best drives there is in tampa, florida. it's also the location of a high profile crime that captivated the city, the offender is currently in the hillsborough county jail. >> in the press, i'm bayshore rapist, because it happened on bayshore boulevard. five days ago i was convicted and i didn't think i was going to be convicted. >> luis harris is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty by a jury on all counts of sexual battery, kidnapping,
10:17 pm
impersonating a police officer, grand theft and graud lent use of credit cards. >> the defendant is guilty as charged. the defendant is guilty of kidnapping as charged. >> i felt weak at my knees, i started crying. i became very emotional. i stopped paying attention to the rest of the verdict that was being read, once the first guilty verdict came back i already knew what was going obe there after. >> prosecutors say six months earlier harris, who once attended a police academy, posed as an undercover cop and pulled over a woman driving along bayshore boulevard late at night. he hand cuffed the 28-year-old woman, put her in the back seat of her car and withdrew money from her bank account at an atm and raped her. >> i never denied having sex with her. >> i never denied having sex had with her. >> harris says he pulled her over after she was driving erratically. >> she hit the curve the second
10:18 pm
time, she stopped. >> i asked her if she was okay. we pulled off into a side street where we talked. >> harris says the encounter led to sex and after the woman left he noticed she left her wallet into her car. he admits to using it in a local casino. it hurts that the people knew me as the bayshore capist when i know i'm not when i know i didn't rape anybody. >> throughout the trial he frequently clashed with the judge who admonished him for not following instructions and emotional outbursts. >> get him out of the courtroom right now. don't say another word mr. harris.
10:19 pm
>> during the trial, harris was incarcerated at hillsborough county jail in a housing unit for high profile inmates. he was no more popular with the man who runs the jail than he was with the judge. >> mr. harris is, in my 25 years of law enforcement, probably one of the most manipulative, connoving condescending people in my machine. he was difficult for the staff, no matter how much respect you afforded him, he found a way to turn it. >> harris says he is simply misunderstood. >> i feel like everybody looks at me like a ted bundy type character and i'm not. when i see myself in the paper, i think to myself, people really knew who i was and how i really am, they would know i didn't rape anybody, i didn't kidnap anybody and the people that do
10:20 pm
know me, my friends they know me, my family they know me, so it's surreal, it's heartbreaking, depressing, and i wish i could change everybody but i can't. >> coming up -- >> you could trust me. >> douglas burden prepares to defend himself for the attack on a sheriff's deputy. and dee dee moore launches a media blitz. >> can you try to call abc and see if they'll do it for like $200,000? white meat chicken. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. anything? no. ♪ how about now? nope. ♪ [ dog barking ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the chevy silverado. ♪
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i've come up with a plan. >> at the hillsborough county jail in tampa, dee dee moore is making the most of her time in the women's confinement unit where she's locked in her cell 23 hours a day. >> i'm going to sell my story and that will obtain a lawyer that can get me out auto now. >> moore is charged with the murder of florida state lottery winner abraham shakespeare. she says she didn't do it. >> i have nothing to hide because they probably did it but i didn't do it. my whole life is an open book
10:24 pm
right now. >> a book that moore has already started to write. >> it's called "one step closer to crazy" and it's about everything that took place. i floated through life with a happy illusion of joy and peace, i always ignored everything that was unpleasant, i believed in magic and rainbows so why does every fairytale have to come to an end, why do all fairy tales have to have dragons, evil, troll, terrors, why is it always good versus evil? evil always has to come right back in our lives? i focus on getting my story out on paper so that it releases some of that anger i have for being falsely arrested. >> moore is not the only person writing about the case. true crime author gary barber has been visiting moore each week for the past three months. >> hello? >> hey, dee dee. >> hey. >> he's writing a book about the victim that he had been
10:25 pm
researching prior to moore's arrest. >> i got interested in this story from the angle of abraham shake spear and he thought his life was going to be wonderful now that he had money, and it just spiraled out of control. >> shakespeare's body was found buried in the backyard of a home that moore had recently purchased. moore says a man named ronald killed him for part of his fortune but prosecutors say ronald doesn't exist. i know if i show the picture of him. that's what hasn't been released. when he's identified he'll be arrested and they'll have to drop my first-degree murder charge. >> i'm not aware of the picture. >> the real picture of the guy i left abraham with you that night. >> you drew it in. >> no, this is a real picture. >> how did you get that? you didn't told me. >> i never told anybody about it because i could die.
10:26 pm
it wasn't worth dying for, but now it is. >> truth is better than fiction. you can't make up dee dee. i never know what she's going to come up with. >> i'm ready to sell my story. if you get my story sold you tell them i'll interview with them next week. whenever you sell it i'll interview with them right then. >> she has all sorts of ideas how she's going to make money because she's in lockup so she has plenty of time to sit and think and she's constantly trying to enlist my aid. >> can you try to call like at least abc and see if they'll do it for $200,000, tell them i will film next week. i'm ready to go now. >> right, right, right, right. she's adamant she didn't do it and so with conviction, she's willing to tell anyone who will listen that she didn't do it. okay we're getting short on time. i'll be back next saturday at 4:00. >> yes, i'm so happy i can't wait. >> i'll see you next wait.
10:27 pm
>> okay, thank you, bye. >> with little time she has to make phone calls, moore tries to reach a contact she has made at the celebrity news program "inside edition." >> we kept trying to get an interview with me, called my attorney several times. hello? hey, how are you today? hey, is vivian there? the only way i want the interview is if they'll air the picture so i can get a name to the guy. >> moore sees the attention as a way to yoour freedom for hillsborough county official it's much more serious. >> dee dee moore has been a challenge. the one thing that's been lost from the letters i see from her is when she brings this attention to herself from outside these walls, her safety is at risk. other inmates resent that. >> i'll call you back again on friday. i get out every other day. i told you, dogs and kennels get out more than i do. okay, well thank you.
10:28 pm
you have a good day. okay, bye. >> coming up -- >> this is bull [ bleep ]. >> luis harris grows frustrated by his restrictions. >> i'm becoming irritated and impatient. >> and douglas burden starts earning back some privileges. in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year was great but next year's gonna be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and the water's beautiful. you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. our bed and breakfast have special rates. and migrating waterfowl from all over make this a bird watcher's paradise. so if you missed it earlier this year, come on down. if you've already been here come on back...
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in order for us to have all of the nutrition that we need, we've actually had a calcium enriched fortified beverage that has all the vitamins and nutrients that a prison would normally get, in a pill. if you can't take a multivitamin every day this is a great stub institution for it, we serve it it in three meals a day so they have plenty of calcium as well as all the vitamins. when you're making up a beverage in the jail they request all the color be taken out. this is probably grape flavored and as you can see it's completely clear. when you taste it, it has all of the flavor of a purple kool-aid in the grocery store. how does it taste? >> great. >> at the hillsborough jail in tampa, florida, luis harris who is convicted for grape on the popular bayshore boulevard has been held in a special cell
10:33 pm
since he was found guilty three weeks ago. >> once you're found guilty you're put on direct observation, that way we can watch them closely and make sure they're not going to commit sue identify. there will be a deputy sitting directly across from the inmate and the job is to physically watch him, make sure he's not going to attempt to hurt himself. >> i'm angry, i think it's a complete misrepresentation of my mental health status. i think it's unwarranted, it's definitely unnecessary. >> reporter: while most confinement inmates are allowed daily visits and hour of recreation, those on suicide watch are barred from all these privileges. >> these cells you go crazy because there's absolutely nobody to talk to, nothing to hear, nothing to listen. you don't have any human contact. >> if an inmate is on a suicide watch or direct observation we can't have him run around where he could run upstairs and run off, it's when restrictions are lifted he gets telephone and
10:34 pm
other privileges provided. >> to me it defeats the purpose because if you're not suicidal, being succumbed to the situations will get you because it creates anger and impatience to where you want to say i'm suicidal, now i am going to try to kill myself. >> reporter: today harris gets a short break from his cell while deputies perform a routine inspection. >> inmate will be creative, they will stash weapons or drugs or medication in there. want to shake everything out, make sure no medication will fall out. inmates like to hide things in the least desirable spot we want to touch, that's why we check those spots. it's amazing you find something. >> in fact the search turns out contraband. >> there's psychotropic medications he was cheeking,
10:35 pm
where they take the medication in front of us, act like they've swallowed it and haven't, place it on the tongue and cheek and saving it for some other time. if they take a higher dosage to get some euphoric, high, commit suicide, his cell will be deliberately searched to make sure that's not happening. >> this is bull [ bleep ] and i don't need to be kept here. i'm becoming irritated, i'm becoming impatient, and, everybody has their limits. we're only human and i think i'm reaching my limit. i don't think the staff realizes it or maybe they want it to get to that point, but it's a ticking time bomb, you know. it's a ticking time bomb. >> douglas burden was once a ticking time bomb himself. it has been almost two years since he exploded in anger and attacked a 64-year-old deputy in his housing unit. today, burden says it wasn't personal, but the result of frustration.
10:36 pm
>> i thought i was being treated unfairly, because i wasn't going to court very often. i would go to court and i wouldn't get my word across to the judge or to anyone, so it felt like i couldn't get my vows out there, so one day i just snapped, and i decided to check out a deputy while he wasn't looking i jumped behind the counter and grabbed him in a choke hold and i started choking him. >> could you have killed him? >> easily, that's what we're taught in the marine corps. >> since then the jail's medical staff has kept burden stable through medication. >> i've been taking my medicines and doing a lot better. this is the best i ever felt, ever since i got diagnosed. >> do you feel a threat? >> no. >> why not? >> me being ex-military i feel like i'm on the same side as him. you could trust me and you could love me, so. >> as burden rebuilds trust with jail deputies, he's begun
10:37 pm
gaining back privileges. >> two times a week i get to have inside recreation, and two times a week i get to have outside recreation, i get to shoot basketball. i try to follow the rules, be good so i can get my recreation time. i just want to get out and run about three miles, you understand, i want to run all over the place. >> coming up -- >> i want disney to search for prince charming. >> dee dee moore plans a fantasy wedding. >> when i marry at the castle i want mickey mouse and minnie and all of them at my wedding. >> and luis harris makes his final court appearance. >> without question you are one of the most manipulative, controlling persons that i have ever had the displeasure of coming in front of. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
10:38 pm
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in the female confinement unit of tampa's hillsborough county jail, dee dee moore and a few other women get to spend one hour twice a week in an enclosed recreation yard. >> dee dee's turn. >> moore says today is especially eventful. >> we found something amazing you don't get to see in here. a green leaf. you don't goet to see trees or grass, to us this is nature. >> prosecutors say it was moore's desire to collect a different kind of green that motivated her to murder a florida state lottery winner. moore says she's not only innocent but hopes to someday be compensated for her time in jail. she's envisioned the plan in detail. >> i want disney to create and search for prince charming and they find me the perfect man and then we go in dates on all the disney world theme parks and he'll have to dress up like
10:42 pm
prince charming and i have to dress up like cinderella. i think that would be a good reality show all the guys that glass slippers and the only slipper that fits me is the guy i want to marry and then i marry at the cassle and i marry at the cassle i want mickey mouse and minnie and all of them at my wedding and goofy and donald duck. >> that sounds like the wedding to be at. >> the wedding of the century. >> for the time being moore's cassle is a 12 x 7 foot cell. >> that's it, but i think when you really get hit that you're in jail is when you lie down. it was like concrete. my dog has a softer bed. it's hard. it's a hard mattress. and they've been reused so many times they're like covered five times over so they've got the musty smell, and so you wonder
10:43 pm
how many bacterias you're breathing in at the same time. there's all kinds of germs in here. >> it's a far cry from moore's life before her arrest. >> i had a fairytale life. i had a nursing agency and it was great. i had government contracts. so my 1099 from the government would range about a half a million a year. this is a picture of me with the governor. i was going to a government conference, it was a business meeting, and it was a happy time in my life versus being in jail. >> the other change in moore's life since coming to jail is a strained relationship with her now 16-year-old son. >> he used to come visit me and then when the kids started teasing him at school about his mom being on tv and stuff like that, he stopped. in high school his mother's charged with murder, not first-degree murder, you know, that's hard on anybody, and he couldn't handle it. >> luis harris, has already been found guilty by a jury, of
10:44 pm
impersonating a police officer in order to rape a young woman on the bayshore boulevard. he still says he's innocent but today he is headed back to court to be sentenced. >> some people say this guy is a great con artist. what i can tell you is this, my emotions and my tears, my sincerity is 100% real. >> harris previously served a three-year sentence in state prison for grand theft and violating probation, and does not want to go back. >> provideson life is a traumatic, horrible experience so much so that during my interview of my arrest this time i told the detective if i had the ability to take your gun from you i would have tooken it and shot myself in the head. that's my worst fear. >> the judge says the evidence is overwhelming. >> he kidnapped her, he pretended he was a cop, he raped her, he got her p.i.n. number
10:45 pm
under false pretenses, he used her credit card and he obtained her money. at the time she was pulled over, at the time that he placed her in handcuffs, and at the time that he obtained her p.i.n. number from her, she was under the reasonable belief that he was, in fact, an undercover narcotics officer. there is no mistaking that. he did not allegedly do it. he did it. >> before the judge hands down the sentence, harris is allowed to address the court. >> you can say whatever you want. >> judge, i'm sure you're going to give a very theatrical statement after i give my statement about how i'm a menace to society and what i allegedly did.
10:46 pm
this was a very tumultuous trial, the court made serious assertions as to what i did or didn't do irrespective of looking at the different evidence. i don't need a chastising. i know what you're going to say. >> anything further? >> no, your honor. >> mr. harris without question you are probably one of the most manipulative controlling persons i've ever had the displeasure of coming in front of me in the past 20 years. you are a very, very dangerous person and one of the things that was most resounding that came out of your own mouth at your very first trial, when you addressed the jury, the first thing you said was "i am no monster." to the contrary, mr. monster, you are a monster. you use the guise of law enforcement to take control over your victims so you can have
10:47 pm
your way with them. those days are over, mr. harris. those days are over. don't interrupt me, mr. harris. you had your opportunity. now i'm going to have mine. >> you're referring to -- >> your day is over, mr. harris. it's not going to happen again. i'm going to sentence you to life in the florida state prison, so make no mistake, from this point in time, and for the rest of your life, you will be controlled by the department of corrections of the state of florida. >> after sentencing, most inmates are returned to jail for a few days, and then transferred to state prison. >> get him out of the courtroom. you have 30 days in which to appeal sentence. >> but in an unusual move the judge orders harris to be taken directly from the courthouse to prison to start serving his life sentence.
10:48 pm
the decision pleases hillsborough county jail officials. >> harris had threatened our staff and had made it clear in open court that if he was transferred back to faulkenberg road jail either he would be hurt or one of my deputies would be killed so i think the judge just made the decision it was time for mr. harris to go to new surroundings the paperwork was completed at the courthouse and then we sent him to the orlando reception center, florida department of corrections and that will be the start of his trek through the state penal system. >> coming up -- >> we notice that you lost quite a bit of weight. >> the evolution of dee dee moore's physical appearance causes a security risk. >> that's scary. i look like a psycho. okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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it's cramping. go ice that thing. sorry. hand cramp... ahh... [ male announcer ] cyber week starts sunday and lasts all week. plus get free shipping on hundreds of thousands of items. the only place to go for cyber week.
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at the hillsborough county jail in tampa, dee dee moore is practicing her weekly beauty routine. >> this is how we get our hair off of our legs. it's pretty disgusting, a hazer less cream shave. they don't allow razors except if you're going into court because people would cut themselves like idiots so all of us have to suffer like idiots. >> why bother? >> because you feel like a monkey, don't have to look like one too. >> the sergeant noticed a strange appearance from her first arrest and a mug shot from her recent arrest. >> she's had plastic surgery, looks as though she's had
10:53 pm
something done on the peak of the nose and jaw, a little bit more defined. >> when moore was arrested a year ago, she was blond and weighed 210 pounds. >> i was fat, put me on the beach and it was a whale, i was fat. so, yeah. >> moore has lost more than 60 pounds over the past 12 months. >> this is "the biggest loser" contest and i got the public humiliation to go along with it. now i'm skinny. >> she has said that "the food is horrible, i'm not going to eat that stuff." that's okay. our concern even though she's saying that, we're concerned about her health. >> her khan teen record shows she's been eating other things. >> looking at the activity, i can see exactly down to the cookie what she's got.
10:54 pm
>> even the colonel is kept informed about moore's weight loss. >> i don't know what's going on with that. she says she's eating but i'm going to have to start documenting what she's eating and looking at that because i don't know if some of this is intentional in game playing or if she's depressed or spiraling. >> miss moore has become a high maintenance inmate. placing our staff in a position where they have to recognize a person in crisis. police like sergeant herman have that training and ability to resolve it before it gets to the crisis state. >> we've informed everybody on all four shifts she's on weight management, everything that happens with that cell regarding food needs to be documented, how much she received on khan teen, missing items, everything, so we're taking all precautions to make sure she does not declare a silent hunger strike. >> moore's changing appearance since her most recent mug shot poses a potential security
10:55 pm
issue. >> dee dee? >> that could be an escape risk god forbid she gets away from us, the photograph says it's blond, but really she's a brunette so that's a high security risk. most of our inmates who stay a long time have appearance adjustments throughout their stay we want to get an update on their mug shot. >> moore you know we're taking you down to booking right now because we want to get a new mug shot of you. we notice you lost quite a bit of weight. is this something you've been trying to do? >> no, it's just happened. >> but the thing about it is we noticed, too, a pattern that you've been refusing to eat. >> well because of the food. >> what's wrong with the food? >> have you tried it? >> i can't say that i have. >> my dog eats tastier stuff. it's gross. >> if you don't mind me asking, did you get any work done?
10:56 pm
>> what? >> as far as cosmetic work? >> no. >> you did not get any cosmetics at all? >> nope, nope. >> because your nose looks a little different. your eyes are different. >> nope, it's all from blueberries, i started eating blueberries and salmon. i heard blueberries add ten years to your life. it was on oprah. >> you're telling blueberries changed your nose structure. >> blueberries add your facial features. >> i did not know that. >> you can get frozen blueberries and eat them frozen like ice chips. look it up on the internet, detoxes your body, go to a massage therapist, same thing with blueberries. >> moore has been taking to the booking department for her new mug shot. >> look straight at the camera. there we go. she's all set.
10:57 pm
>> this is within a year's time this is when she first came in, and her currently. so obviously if you were to see that picture and then go to retrieve her you wouldn't think you'd have the right person. >> that's scary. i look like a psycho. >> it's because you haven't been able to get your blueberries, remember? >> i know. that looks scary. i'm going to be scared of my own wristband. >> douglas burden has been at hillsborough county for almost two years now. he was originally arrested for drug traffics and driving under the influence. then while in custody, he picked up an attempted murder charge when we tacked one of the deputies assigned to his housing unit. burden blames all his criminal acts on a mental illness known as schizophrenoform. the jail staff helped stabilize his condition with medication. >> i was always the good son, i watched my brother go in and out of jail and prison. that was not never going to happen to me, i'd go to high school and military. i wish that would never happen.
10:58 pm
i can't beat myself up on it. i got to keep going because that's all i got it myself. as long as i keep myself up, then i can be there for my mom. >> burden's mother struggles to understand how her son's life has unraveled. >> this used to be like "why you got in trouble?" she didn't understand about schizophrenoform. >> burden and his mother correspond through letters. >> how important is the relationship to you? >> real important. i got your letter january the 5th. i pray every day court takes it easy on you. that's why i call god. you better call him, too, thriller." she called me thriller win i was a little kid. neighborhood called me thriller, because of michael jackson. "i hope you get bigger in working out so you can look good
10:59 pm
for the girls. i need some grandkids." >> but burden's entire future depends on what happens in court. he could face up to 30 years for what happens on the deputy. he plans to tell the court he was not competent for what he did to the deputy. >> the best thing that could happen is they drop all the charges or lesser sentence. i pray they have mercy on me.


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